You are not your business

Man with bag on head We are so passionate about our business & we spend so much time working on and in it that sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are not our business. In fact, if your business absolutely needs you for its survival, that’s not a viable long term option. Great workers are always looking to train others to replace them while they upskill themselves, as they understand that paves the way for their promotion. As business owners & entrepreneurs we need to be doing the same thing - looking at where the business is reliant upon ourselves and finding ways to make us redundant.

This mindset has multiple benefits - firstly it creates a scalable, growing business that continues to run well even when you walk out the door at the end of the day (or go on holiday - remember what those are?). Secondly it creates a thriving culture where your employees feel respected and valued as you are constantly looking for them to step up and take on greater responsibility. Thirdly it makes your business a truly great sales prospect if you ever decide to exit. Finally it gives you more of the most valuable resource possible, time. That’s time you can use to innovate, create, improve and engage - the golden tasks of entrepreneurs.

First you have to understand what takes your time during the day, what are you actually doing and how long are you doing it for? Most business owners don’t fully understand where their day goes and so have no idea how much time they spend on tasks that they simply shouldn’t be doing. Next you have to truly understand your strengths to know which tasks you should be working on and where you shouldn’t and whether those tasks should be allocated to other people, systems or eliminated completely. You then need to spend the time training or sorting those tasks so they are correctly handled moving forward so they are removed from your brainspace completely, freeing you up for what you do best.