About Me

Photo of Dave Noble Company Coach is all about connecting with entrepreneurs who have a real passion for what they do and are wanting to take their business to a new level of success. It’s about giving back & helping those who are investing their time and talents into growing incredible companies across NZ.

I believe connection is what changes people. That is why I don't provide a workbook for you to complete & then catchup to discuss. Every business is different - and I believe only by getting to know your and your reason and ways in which you uniquely do business - we will together uncover the best ways for you to grow and achieve your goals and vision.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for the past 13 years, getting involved in everything from social enterprises to ecommerce. Some have failed and some have succeeded but regardless of the outcome every time I’ve learnt something unique and my passion for helping Kiwi business owners succeed and achieve true freedom in their business has grown.